From rare Nintendo games to Magic Johnson’s sneakers, here are 6 surprising cultural items you can buy and sell shares of like a stock

Johnson in 1985 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

As the S&P 500 reaches new highs and experts warn of a “bubble burst” on its way, investors may be looking for alternative areas of the market to put cash to work. In come Otis and Rally Rd, two apps that allow investors to buy and sell shares of cultural items.

Insider scanned the apps and compiled a list of six surprising cultural items available to invest in.

Magic Johnson’s Championship Sneakers

The exact sneakers Magic Johnson wore in 1987 when he won his fourth NBA title and took home the MVP award are listed on Otis. The sneakers are signed by the basketball legend and Otis said they have a drop value of $22,000.

“Only a few game-worn pairs from any of Magic’s championship seasons are known to exist, making these particularly special,” reads the listing.

A Rare Nintendo World Championships Cartridge

The Nintendo World Championships 1990 cartridge is considered to be a “holy grail” of video game collections, according to Otis. Investors can buy $10 shares in the gaming artifact that’s worth $211,300.

“Never intended to be distributed, they were used in competition play-one existing in high grade from 1990 is an incredibly rare anomaly,” Otis said.

Himalayan Birkin Bag

Kylie Jenner has an entire row of Hermes Birkin bags in her closet and has said “they’re a great investment.” For those who can’t fork over the cash to buy one of the most expensive purses in the world, they can buy a share of one on the Rally app.

One available to invest in is a rare Matte White Himalaya Crocodile Birkin with palladium hardware. The asset’s current value sits at $120,000. Investors can buy shares worth $60 each by searching #Himalaya on Rally.

An Unopened Original Apple Iphone

An original iPhone from 2007 is worth roughly $24,000 on the Otis app. Don’t go searching in your drawers for your old gadget, though. Otis’ iPhone is factory sealed in its original box. Although 6 million original iPhones were produced, relatively few likely remain unopened. The iPhone was trading around $18 per share on Friday on the Otis app.

Broadside Copy of the Declaration of Independence

History buffs will soon be able to invest in an original copy of the US’s founding document. After the declaration of Independence was signed, large single-sheet copies called “broadsides” were sent out throughout the country to alert the masses.

Rally’s broadside copy is one of an estimated 20-privately-owned examples from July 1776. The copy was formerly displayed at the National Constitution Center.

Rally’s app lists the asset’s initial offering as “coming soon.” It currently has an initial offering market capitalization of $2 million. Shares are currently priced at $25 apiece.

1988 Lamborghini Jalpa

Rally Rd’s white 1988 Lamborghini Jalpa is the 409th built out of a total of 410 models ever made. The asset’s current value on the Rally app sits at $130,000 and last traded at $65 per share. Rally points out Sylvester Stallone polishes a matte black Jalpa in Rocky IV.

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