Meat Prices Are Increasing In Sussex County | News

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. — Chicken prices are increasing in Delaware, with local restaurants and markets scaling chicken wings, beef, and other proteins to market price.

In Delaware, market price is reserved for seafoods such as crab meat, according to Mark Woods, of The Pond Bar & Grill in Rehoboth Beach.

“We’ve had to fluctuate a little bit here and there, now they’ve stayed pretty steady over the last couple of months, but that could change next week, that’s how volatile it’s been,” Woods said.

One wholesale distributor, Diamond State Meats, says they have chicken in supply, but the main reason prices are up are due to three main reasons:

  1. Labor shortages
  2. Increasing demand for truckers
  3. Workers falling sick to COVID-19.

One customer of Diamond State Meats is Lloyd’s Market in Lewes, which Owner Darren Purcell says is doing well despite the price increase in corporate stores.

Purcell attributes the spike to COVID-19, with meat processing workers falling ill to the virus.

“Also, with the restrictions on distancing, people having to spread out as per say, they can’t produce as much product as they would pre-covid,” Purcell added.

Billy Savage, Owner of Diamond State Meats in Sussex County, adds that gas prices are playing a role in the increase in meat prices, because trucks needs to deliver meats from the plants to local markets.

He also says that the Jan.3 snowstorm led families to panic buy chicken and other protein at local stores, which may have caused a temporary shortage.

Diamond state meats say they expect to have enough meat for the rest of winter.

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